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Centralised, consolidated truth

MOOT’s proprietary data capture gives deep insight into trading and merchandising metrics that cannot be found in the Generic Shopify Data Hub, allowing you to see your data in real time and take immediate action to optimise your customer’s experience and conversion.

Make smarter decisions, faster

We collate Shopify data, GA, Shopify, Klaviyo, Meta, and many other data sources you require to present:​

  • Historical analysis​

  • Anomaly detection​

  • Gap analysis

  • Uplift measurement (per product)

Consolidate your data sources to maximise your conversion


All your key data in one place

Consolidating all of your data sources in one place, from merchandising, trading, marketing and operations enable all your business decisions to be smarter, faster and more accurate than ever.


Deep behaviour insights

See beyond the raw numbers and truly understand how your customers are behaving on a deeper level than before.

AI + ML Callouts


Our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning provides urgent callouts and anomaly tracking, allowing your teams to focus on optimising product, customer experience and making sure you have every base covered.

"We've unlocked an additional 20% AOV and increased our CVR by +20% through actionable insights historically invisible to us in our previous data tools."

Ross Beagrie

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